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Theo Walcott is the best player England has had since Michael Owen in his prime and honestly its just those two guys in my lifetime and probably before. But yeah Walcott is an incredibly gifted world class offensive player who England does not take full advantage of. I used to be an Arsenal fan in the 90's because I loved Dutch player Dennis Bergkamp but their stupid coach turned me off from the team. I still don't have an English side. Anybody but Man U.

And I agree about the Redbulls. They will always be the incompetent Metrostars except dressed like an energy drink now. The team is incredibly bad by MLS standards. At the same time, the league is still in its infancy. You won't really see it hit it big until 20 years from now when you can actually compete with some Euro leagues. Look as long as theres a salary cap you are pretty screwed when it comes to soccer. It keeps the big investors that now rule soccer from coming. I really hope the Cosmos get put in Queens. I am dying for that team to be resurrected properly and without the restrictions of a salary cap. I know people think soccer would die in Kansas City if that were the case but I don't think so. I think injecting talent into the league will make our players better and by association our national team. That is how Germany and Italy and Spain always stay competitive. I don't know what's wrong with England though, they have the best league but their team is pretty mediocre despite having a lot of talented players in key spots.

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