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03-12-2013, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by funghoul View Post
dude, i think their all overpaid. my point is i don't care about the cap hit the way everyone on here does. i guess its all the fantasy hockey these people play. gets ya worrying bout contracts. i look at what our team does on the ice and all the variables that are directly related to our team's play. i think the flyers are just young and still evolving. the goalie is not the problem to me. that said he won't be here after next year so all this moaning is worthless anyway. until there's a guy in the meantime he's keeping us from getting because of what were paying him then i could care less. but as far as the overall opinion on here to me, he's one of a few guys that are the reason this team isn't last in the league.
I am in fantasy leagues but that isnt the reason how I view certian players on this team. In a way the contract hit does matter. if you think you can get the same production from another player at a cheaper rate you have to consiter it. Anyone who thinks you cant find the same production from Briere and Bryz and lets throw Coburn out there as well for cheaper money is kidding themselves.
The cap hit does matter if you feel as a GM or organization you are not maximixing at what you paid for a player then you have to find a better solution and if you can do so for a player on a better contract you do so.

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