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Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
That's only a problem if you're expected to be the top player. I'm sure with two other responsible players on his line that would be completely irrelevant.

Also your claim that it happens 'consistently' doesn't hold up. Last year and this year is the first time it has happened and when you look at the Flames roster, it's pretty apparent why. Prior to that he used to line-up against other top lines with no benefit of higher offensive zone starts and break even or come out ahead.
Those years also coincided with him hitting his mid 30s. I think it's pretty clear from watching him that he's slowed down a fair bit. He's not nearly as physical as he used to be and is now more of a sniper.

And I'm also not that impressed with his leadership. He seems like he's more interested in putting up points with his friends than actually contributing to a winning hockey team. Maybe going to a new team that'd be different, but each of the last 5 Flames coaches have complained that the team is very tough to coach and at times unwilling to follow a game plan. Given that Iginla is really the only skater that played on those teams and he's the captain, I'm seeing a pattern. The stories of the team basically mutinying against Playfair under Iginla's watch also don't speak well of his leadership.

I'd definitely take him on the Canucks for the right price, but I think the mythos around him should be ignored and he should be recognized as what he is now and that's a 35 year old 1-way player who's good for 65-70 points a year with 1st line duties and #1 PP time. He could be deadly in the right situation (if he goes to Pittsburgh or something), but I don't see him as someone who'd be a huge difference maker on a struggling Canucks team.

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