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03-12-2013, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
He is but in the NCAA scheme of things he isn't a senior and there is thought that he will captain the team and there are people who think that StC might be a very good team next year.

Its all arguable and I do think that Gravel is an exceptional talent who could be ready today but since we have the time I would leave him where he is as opposed to bringing him to the AHL. It is a tough call though. The reason we are seeing so much success from the kids who go through our system is the fact that they have gone through our system (I know).

Our castaways are succeeding because of our best in the game developmental system/group so getting KG into it is a great thing and typically would be my focus. In KG's case I suppose I would say that if WM comes back (I truly believe it is a matter of when and have heard he might be back in the next couple of weeks but nothing solid) then we should let him continue his current developmental path and if WM can't make it back then we might be better served to bring KG in and get him started learning our system.

If WM comes back then we can afford to let KG finish his time developing in StC and he will be ready to step right in, do a season in Manchester and then replace WM when his contract runs out. (high praise and of course not right away but I believe that KG will develop into a similar type of player)

Ultimately I like the idea whenever possible of letting kids finish each level of their development as it exists. Finish jr's/NCAA/SEL etc and move up to the AHL. Go from AHL to NHL sort of thing. Of course talent and need can change things but most of the time if you can afford to let them progress naturally you get better results from prospects when you let them move through the system in their own time.
Generally speaking I agree with your idea on how progression should go for a player, in terms of letting him move on at the end of his eligibility. I may disagree in Gravel's case, but as I said, it's more a matter of preference than doing him any real harm. Gravel will get better no matter where he plays, that's just how I see him. He's such a heady player, he'd develop playing PeeWee right now.

As for Mitchell, your time line is off (unless you know/think Mitchell gets an extension). If Gravel were to return to StC next year and then spend one year in Manchester, he'd be in the NHL in 2015-2016. Mitchell's current contract expires after the 2013-2014 season.

Btw, go mention in the Mitchell thread that he'll be back and ready in a few weeks possibly. That'd cause a wildfire

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