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03-12-2013, 02:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Nuclear SUV View Post
Your evidence?

The PSA, cashing of the $30,000,000, the strength of the Seattle group and market, and anti-trust make it a done deal. You seriously think the vote to approve the sale is going to be anything short of unanimous?
Your "evidence" is just opinion and minor money. The 30 million was to be paid if the deal goes through or not. That is done and over with. Burkle was part of the arena group that was approved by Stern that would have kept the Kings in Sacramento with a new arena. It was the Maloofs who backed out of the agreement when their small amount of the arena payment was due, not Burkle or Stern. Also, if the owners do block the deal to Seattle, the Maloof's will be all but forced to sale locally. Stern doesn't like their cheap ways and the way they handled the deal last year.

Also, Sacramento isn't some dinky market. Sacramento MSA is the 25th biggest in the country and would be the biggest without a pro team if they do move. Seattle is 15th, with the Sounders, Mariners, Seahawks, WNBA, and potentially the Sonics back. Sacramento has the advantage in the fact that the market isn't saturated by a bunch of other sports.

Yes, Seattle has the advantage in the fact that they do have a deal and arena deal in place, but Sacramento still has over a month to get their deals done. If that happens, it comes down to a vote amongst the owners, who will have the decision if they want to allow the sale to the Seattle group or if they want to keep the team in their current market. Keep in mind that Seattle needs 23 of the 30 owners to approve it, not just a simple majority.

That said, I think the team will end up in Seattle, but to say the deal is done and over with is simply a lie from Seatte-ites wanting a team back.

As for anti-trust, there is going to be a law suit, no matter what the NBA decides. The Maloof's never allowed the current minority owners a chance to buy the team.

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