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03-12-2013, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by BrimFullofAsham45 View Post
There's a reason why the Flyers' defense is a laughingstock among many casual observers around these boards. Is it unfair to single out Coburn? Perhaps.

There's also a reason why the Flyers have failed miserably this year in so many ways. Is it unfair to single out Coburn here? I don't think so. The Flyers currently lack a puck moving defenseman and a PPQB. Do you realize the Flyers only put one defenseman consistently on our collective powerplays? If the Flyers had someone to play those roles I guarantee we'd be a better team. Coburn is unable to do either, and he's not physical nor smart enough defensively to make up for it.

Coburn has failed time and time again to make strides towards being a more complete player. He's regressing; NOT reaching his "prime". He had a "good" year last year? By "good" do you mean inconsistent and mediocre?

And as far as the last statement re: cap... good luck with that one.
The Flyers defense is a laughing stock while blocking the most shots in the NHL and being top 5 in shots against per game.

If anyone is a laughing stock, it's Bryz.

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