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03-12-2013, 02:27 PM
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Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss View Post
Really? Why? There's no glory in men's league dude. You're not accomplishing much, if anything. You're not getting paid. In fact, you're paying to be there. When i pay money to play hockey my goal is to be as good a player as i can possibly be in all aspects of the game and have as much fun as i can while playing.

I really hope most men's league guys dont have this "i couldn't cut it in high school/college/juniors/ECHL/whatever so now i have to prove my talent to everyone" mentality
You might want to invest some money in a Speech & Debate Class at the local JC. Where did I say anything about I couldn't cut it in any of those leagues so that's why I want to win championships? So according to you, all knowing hockey player, anybody who wants to win is somebody who couldn't cut it? And we should all enjoy the game the way you enjoy it because you know the right way? That's some gigantic ego you have there. I started playing when I was 20 so there are no I couldn't cut it stories since I wasn't even playing but don't let facts get in the way of your opinion.

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