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03-12-2013, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by NYRKindms View Post
I don't think the rangers and teams like them give a real F about the STH. Yes they are nice to have as in they have a certain # of games pre-sold but for teams like the rangers it becomes a loss.

The STH isn't the person dropping money on beer and food etc etc. Those are the folks who go to enough games that the experience isn't the shiny new toy effect. These are the folks that know how to do games on the cheap.

MSG doesn't want those kinds of people in the seats. They want people drinking beers, buying food, picking up t-shirts etc etc. That is where the real money for MSG is. Those are the 2ndary folks which is the only reason why MSG would tolerate the market.

I suspect that they will move to take larger percentages of the 2ndary market as well as increase ticket prices.

I don't think they really care about pricing out STH.
Your points are valid now that the team is winning and the building will be full. They have roughly 18,200 x 41 games x the average ticket price = a ******** of money as a stable, recurring revenue base. Companies love guarantees like that. And yes, the extra profit comes from all that extra spending that takes place on game day. But if MSG loses their STH base, coupled with the team struggling, they'll find themselves at 80% capacity and that equates to a massive hit to the bottom line.

I also think MSG would be careful not to hit the 200 level customers with a big increase. They know the 100 level people would love to fill those cheaper seats, and then they'll be tasked with replacing all those more expensive season tickets which they're already having trouble getting rid of.

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