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03-12-2013, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by MTaylorJ1 View Post
Really? people are really bashing the Sports Hub for talking NFL Free agency on the day it opens?

What exactly in regards to the Bruins would you like them to talk about today?

It's a business and the NFL is BY FAR the most popular sport. Their sponsors would be rightfully pissed off if they decided to pass up talking NFL Free Agency (in theory the 1st/2nd most important day of the NFL offseason) to go over a goofy shootout move or Chris Kelly's injury.

Unfortunately for Bruins fans and sports radio, a team that is humming along like they are doesn't make for interesting radio.
Nope. Don't buy it at all, not for second, not if you paid me.
Forget the draft being today, what about last week, the week before that, etc...

a few seasons ago (2011/2012), with the patriots CRUSHING. Their last relevant game was vs the Jets in October (their words not mine, week 10). Did they stop football? Nope. They didn't talk hockey for any significant amount of time till december when Tyler Seguin slept in late in WPG. Remember the "drinking/partying" theory?

People can say that its because of the success, then wtf is the excuse for the Patriots talk 24/7 during 4 straight 1st place division title seasons. Yes, I get it, Football is the most popular. But you can't tell me that its getting its fair share.

Hell, with Hockey the only sport that had a current season going on (cept for basketball) they were STILL talking football/redsox and pitchers didn't even report yet.

I'm not knocking you taylor, and I understand why one sport would get more attention than others. The biggest reason the bruins don't get much airplay is because of Felger's shtick.

He was horrible humbled when the bruins won. Every rant he had that season (and seasons prior) got torched when the bruins won the cup. He's got nothing left. And IMO his shtick doesn't work without a rant. It's why i don't like him, he's one dimensional, he can't carry on a point unless he's *****ing about something.

I like his hab hating rants, but its embarrassing when he tries getting into a war of words w/ any hockey guy from up north.

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