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03-12-2013, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by BMC View Post
I won't. I detest shootouts.

Let them play OT either 5x5 or 4x4 until someone scores.
My idea is 4v4 for 10-15min and if no one scores.. the game ends in a tie where no one gets a point.

1.) I think a goal would occur in this amount of time. in 4v4 for 5minutes, there are definitely more chances. So 4v4 for up to 15 minutes would almost surely ensure a goal.

2.) without a loser point where both teams ultimately deemed as losers.. both teams will actually try and score before it gets to OT.. no one wants to play longer than they have to. conserving energy for the next game is key.

3.) This would also ensure that the OT itself should it get there, is riddled with opportunity. No going through the motions knowing that you're getting a point either way.. that the game ends in a shoot out if it doesn't get done in OT. You have to try your best to score within 10-15 minutes or it's treated like a loss.

It would bring ties back but I have no problem with them. I actually think this would make hockey even more exciting quite frankly.

I'm even in favor of 3pt games.. 3pt for regulation win. 2pts for OT win. 0 pts for losers.

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