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Originally Posted by david999 View Post
Bottom line is Gillis thought he was improving the team with this trade. Unfortunately, like the impending goalie trade, it was a disaster.
Bottom line is he thought he was improving the ORGANIZATION by bringing in a piece it was missing. We won't know the results of that appraisal for quite some time. Gillis isn't just concentrated on making moves that make the team better in the now but also the future. Kassian was clearly more of a future move.

And really before we anoint Hodgson with franchise player tags let's see what happens over the next 20 or so games. If it's like his past 15 he's going to end up with 30-35 points which would put him at about ~0.6 ppg since the first 12 games of the year. Certainly not terrible production but as with Kassian and J. Schultz and some others he really cashed in early (first 10-15 games) while the bulk of the league were getting up to speed. A couple weeks ago it was "he's top 10 in scoring!" which now that he has fallen off the first page at has turned into "he's got great ES scoring!" I may be wrong, but I suspect that to will drop off and he'll end up pretty firmly in second line type scoring despite all the icetime. Before anyone jumps on me that certainly isn't terrible. In fact it's quite good, but it makes the decision from the Sabres tougher when they have Grig and Girg waiting in the wings and when the offense is no longer covering for the defensive miscues. I do fully expect Hodgson to be looking for the big slam dunk O'Reilly type number deal. I very much question if the Sabres give it to him.

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