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03-12-2013, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by MTaylorJ1 View Post
It's the first station I tune to in the afternoons, they talk hockey plenty, I think people are hearing what they want to hear (and in this case it sounds like you want to imagine the Bruins are persecuted by local sports radio). They have Neely on, Felger talks about the Habs, Sabres, and Penguins games constantly when those are close by. He has a segment with Milbury. I'm sorry, but Felger talks hockey. You may not like what he has to say, and you might laser focus in on how wrong he is, but more than any other host in this market, he's driven the hockey agenda. But he can't turn his back on ratings and sponsors and talk minutia of Claude's system, 3rd liners around the league who might fit, prospects. That might be good for diehard Bruins fans, but it's poison for ratings.

Trust me, they talk Patriots football in exact proportion with how popular it is. And make no mistake, it is MUCH more popular than the other 3 sports. In fact, it's made for talk radio. No sport does a better job at making itself relevant than football. None.

In almost every part of the country, the most popular sports are Football and Offseason Football.
Sorry. Nope.
I know why I stopped listening to them (unless i hear of an interview) in 2011 and it wasn't because of what he had to say more of saying barely anything at all.

And its funny you mention the Neely interviews...

Neely Interview
2 minutes recapping neely interview.

Now perhaps its all coincidental and the exact moment I stopped listening to F/M they started with some fantastic hockey radio.

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