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07-28-2006, 11:53 AM
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OT: Yannick Perrault's tournament ''a bout de souffle''

So I went to the rink yesterday and watched a few games of Yannick Perrault's ''a bout de souffle'' tournament. I figured I'd share a bit of what I noticed with fellow hockey fans.

Alex Bourret: He wasn't playing in the main categorie, he played with other players form the Q. He played with Mathieu Perreault and Alex Labonté. Those are the guys I could recognize. I didn't recognize anyone on the other team however. Bourret was defintely head and shoulders above every one. All his passes and his shots as well as his positioning just made him the only player to watch on the ice. This guy is definitely NHL ready I think. He also looks like he's in as good a shape he's ever been. He doesn't have the baby face he always had. Anyways, I'm sure we'll see this guy ni the big show this year.

Mathieu Garon : That guy takes up so much room ni the net, it's crazy. I compared him with Thibault who was in the other net, and Garon looked even bigger. He's huge.

Yannick Perrault : I don,t know if he can be much help to any teams this year, however even yesterday he wasn't fast enough fo the other players.

Bidas : Played solid as always no fancy plays, he just gave the puck up front cleanly. I couldn't help but think that any coach would feel confident when this guy has the puck.

Pascal Rhéaume : I thought he was Dagenais at first. Tall tall skinny guy. He shot an amazing wrister past Garon top corner. He showed me why he was NHL material, it was such a quick release.

Jack Johnson. This kid has all the tools. We'll see him in the NHL this year.

Corso : Plays the same game as when he was Midget AAA. Too bad he signed with the Flyers though, he'll play AHL all year. He's the type of player that every deep team has 10 of. An amazing hockey player, just not better then all the other amazing hockey players out there.

Crosby : I gave him a few tips that might help him next season, so hopefully he'll use them.

I might go back no saturday night and sunday if I don't work. However there ain't many more interesting players to see.

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