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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
so move coburn because he's struggled this year along with the rest of the team and isn't an offensive defense, good one. i also like how being bad for 27 games in shortened season, again with the rest of the team, is regressing. and the bold leads me to believe you are clueless. and then you go on to say that the cap won't be going back up in a few years. wow

btw the flyers defense is not bad.
Thinking that the cap is going to increase rampantly like it did in a prior CBA, seems a little presumptuous. It's beyond the point for this argument though. Bottom line, the cap is going to decrease and there's little information that makes me believe that its going to increase to what it is now any time soon.

Bottom line is, we need to make some cuts. Not only are our forwards going to demand some signicant raises, we are going to need to upgrade our defense and replace our goaltending if Bryz is bought out. They will all come arcs premium.

Keep pretending Coburn is a first pairing defender. From where I'm standing, I see a middling player with cheaper players, ie. Grossmann, Schenn passing him on the depth chart. The Flyers defense isn't bad, but its mediocre. You can blame that on Lavis lackluster defensive strategies, but is Coburn capable of being a PMD or a PPQB? Clearly not, therefore is a candidate to get shipped out.

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