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Originally Posted by Clowe Me View Post
No, it isn't. Just as they do in every sale, it has to be approved by the other owners. If Sacramento can put together a comparable deal with an arena (which they will get, whether the Kings stay or not), the owners will have to make a decision. This isn't Seattle/OKC where Seattle didn't put this type of effort in that KJ and co have.

Past precedence means nothing in this case. If, again, if Sacramento gets the arena deal and sale price to the NBA's liking, the Kings will have a case. This isn't a closed case, and this case is apples and oranges compared to a typical sale/relocation.

That money is irrelevant to the NBA. That was a deal between Hansen and the Maloof's, not the league.

I'm not going to share names, but I know one of the guys who is investing with KJ (has gotten me luxury boxes and courtside, but I digress), and he said this deal was a feeler to see where and if they needed to improve the deal. KJ has a lot of rich businessman from the Sacramento-area as good friends. Take my word that money isn't the issue.
Its unprecedented for the BOG to vote down a sale for NON money issues.

So you want owners telling other owners who they can't sell to? That is exactly whats going to happen if BOG votes down Hansen's deal which will make it that much harder for those owners that said no to sell their franchises later.

A feeler thats BS. They had to match the offer and yet they haven't. They know what hansen's offer is. The 525m figure has been publicly known for weeks. That is no excuse to make a low ball offer like that.

If the money is there then why did they not make the matching offer in the first place? ~100m is not easy to make up in 3 weeks.

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