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Originally Posted by Seedling View Post
So what happens when he asks for 5.5 for six years and a NTC? I love his game and want to keep him, but he will cost a lot at this point. There is always some idiot GM out there that will offer him a ROR type contract.

Is he at risk of an OS? I think so if he is unsigned by July 1.
You negotiate down to 5.25 and pay the man.

How does the concern of over paying him possibly out weigh the concern of Horcoff+Belanger+Lander at 2-4C

Originally Posted by Perfect_Drug View Post
Nobody is saying Gagner hasn't improved immensely. He's been terrific this year, and I've been in the anti-Gagner camp.

It has VERY little to do with how well he's been performing. It has EVERYTHING to do with needing more dimension in our Top 6. We are simply missing Muscles, Boardwork, Faceoffs, physical presence, defensive acumen, and a PEST in our top 6.

It's Gagner or Nuge.

And the reality is that it will soon be Eberle, or Hemsky (which is an easy one for most of us), and quite possibly if the needs of the team aren't met, it might come down to Hall or Yak.

This is VERY tough reality ahead of us. But we have a lot of redundancies in our lineup.
Great theory, but no one is going to give us an upgrade on Gagner, for Gagner.

So basically you need to keep Gagner.

Originally Posted by Perfect_Drug View Post
Let me show you one example of an augmented line that's capable of winning a cup:

Hall - Backes- Eberle
Clowe - RNH - Downie
MPS - Chris Kelly - Jones
Jared Boll - Lander - Harti

Can Yakupov, Gagner, Belanger, Lander, Smyth, and Hemsky net us a return of players like Backes+Downie+Kelly+Boll?

I TOTALLY think so.

Will that make us a better team? WAAAY better.

Heck, PK Subban for Yakupov rumor floating around at the draft would've made us a better team going forward.

YES we love the kids, but we are gonna have to start trading them to fill in some holes.
Uh you're not getting Backes

Originally Posted by Perfect_Drug View Post
Wow you totally can't read.

player LIKE Backes.

Player LIKE Backes. Someone who plays a DIFFERENT kind of game that isn't a small 1-dimensional offense like the 6 forwards we currently have.


Can you read?
Or one 'like' him.

Disclaimer: Dubinsky is not 'like' Backes.

Also props on opening and closing your comment with the same marginally modified derogatory comment towards the first poster.

Did you forget you wrote it the first time?

Originally Posted by Mr Forever View Post
Then look at the big centers who have done nothing, Thornton, Kelser, etc

Who was Chicagos 2C when they won? Who is it now? Who cares?

There isn't a definitive model you have to go by, you pick the players who want to win the most and you'll be rewarded.
Well actually i think it was and is sharp...pretty good player, but not a tower either.

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