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03-12-2013, 04:08 PM
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Originally Posted by SwedishBullet62 View Post
just a thought but does anyone think all the injuries over the years, are really inconvenient times are finally starting to take a mental toll on him?

i understand his shot might not be where it needs to be because of the shoulder, but nothings happened to his legs, when he was throwing the body around as best he could, skating north and south like a bat out of hell and taking a hit here and there last year he was a completely different player then he is now. my point is does anyone think mentally hes playing scared, trying his best to keep himself out of harms way because hes afraid to get injured again, which is also causing him to show little effort in an attempt to play it safe out there.

just a thought but maybe hes a little mentally fragile, i mean its not like hes had one little injury they have all been pretty major, long term injuries that in most cases he came back from a somewhat different player.
I think that's the most significant factor in his more tentative play. I still think playing on his off wing is the biggest cause for his decline, but I also understand the tentative nature of play after recovering from a major surgery.

I'll be honest. I had a labrum repair with three anchors in my right shoulder and a subacromial decompression. It's 8 months later now and I STILL have minor discomfort here and there (it's about 90% right now). And I'm 25 years old and in great shape. A shoulder surgery like that is significant, and I'd never want to go through one again. So, I'm sure he is being cautious, and for good reason. But if that was the case, he shouldn't have returned until he was absolutely 100%.

They clear you for contact sports after 5 months of recovery time, but you don't truly reach 100% until the 9-12 months mark, even for elite conditioned athletes like Gaborik. I'm sure he's still feeling some discomfort.

I would guess he is hesitant with the board play because his shoulder is bothering him and he doesn't want to experience an injury / surgery like that again.

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