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Originally Posted by Alan Jackson View Post
In fact, Winter stated they "never demanded a trade". I'm sure somebody took a screen shot of the tweets before they were deleted.

Regardless, they were idiotic tweets that reflected poorly on the agent, especially.
Not sure if you were around when Wetcoaster still posted here, but he seemed to think there were early warning signs when Tony Gallagher kept insinuating in the media that Hodgson's camp was not happy with the Canucks, and that they were using him as a mouthpiece behind the scenes. His posts are still here on this board for all to see. i didn't want to believe the red flags myself at the time.

And, of course, it's still the client's responsibility to make sure his agent knows what he should and shouldn't say. He hired him after all.

But really, one only has to go back and watch the Oake interview to find out all they need to know.

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