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[QUOTE=KnightSpit;61500469]OHLFan thanks for being "On The Money" no pund intended and being impartial and honest. Yes the Knights are right now the most valuable team in the OHL and maybe all of the CHL, but many people do not know the HUNTER'S mortgaged their farm to put up the money to get the team and they put a hell of alot of money into the team, with first rate scouts, coaches, trainers etc. Their Director of Scounting not only is a former CHL coach but runs one of the most sucessful hockey development programs around. Man look at the caliber of NHL talent they have produced like Patrick Kane and I guy Leafs fans know as Kadri. One thing further is I will say, ERIE has without a doubt one of the best if not most loyal supportive fan base around and if it were any other OHL city, the team might have been bankrupt by now. You guys have a good forward core, don't understand many of your moves on D, look up the minus's and it is absolutely scary in some respects and you bhave kids in your system who should probably be up, but are not ? Would still love to see McDavid with the Knights or Spits. One final note, the SPITS have a good fan base as well, but this year which was a disaster, that base has dropped and the SPITS better make the playoffs next year. Good luck man let us know what happens in the ERIE mini camp and main training camp and here's hoping you one day get The Memorial Cup in ERIE.[/QUOT

Easy on the poor Hunters.They both had NHL money to draw from.They also have the best arena deal in the CHL with their concessions producing HUGE revenues for their team.It takes lots of MONEY to hire the scouts and personnel required to try and dominate the league.Most teams in the OHL cant compete because their arena deals are not even close to providing the revenues. Most arenas are money loosing or at best break even.Look at the seating capacity handed to them.Now MONEY also allows some teams (HMMM)to hire the father of one of their star players they were trying to get and still be ok in the OHL rule book. That ring a bell. Also that farm you talked about does need some addition help and they are able to hire some employees through the farm(might be player related)as required to bring players to London.Dont get me wrong,There is not a more HOCKEY SMART family than the Hunters. Right from the dad Dickie through to the brothers Dave and Ron. They all know their hockey and spend HUGE hours watching games all over the place scouting out potentials.MONEY would allow lots of other teams to continually compete also.Easy on the sympathy.

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