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03-12-2013, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Ghoste View Post
Not saying it won't happen, but I wouldn't think Steeg or Flash get traded. Flash is doing what he can and geez, when Steeg is on, he's awesome. Flush this season down the drain and let him heal up or whatever he needs to do. And who knows, maybe Weiss does re-sign and that line can start brand new next season.

This has just been a disaster so it's hard for anyone to get going. Thankfully it's almost over.

Nice post! I feel Tallon may have moved Weiss and one other player at the deadline this year, why would he blow the team apart after a shortened season riddled with injuries and transitioning year for rookies and some new faces.

There's a slim chance he trades BOTH Flash and Versteeg, possibly one but with their contracts I doubt theyre will be tons of offers for them.

I'd like to keep Kulikov at least until his new contract is up to re-evaluate if he's worth re-signing in two years time.

Mueller and Matthias are probably the biggest bait right now but why trade them away when theyre still RFA's and two of our best players night in and night out.

Goc, Kopecky and Skille could draw interest but they are cheap and are role type guys that fit into bottom 6 slots very nicely.

That leaves the unwanted guys: Jovo, Upshall, Kuba, Parros and Smithson who are either overpaid, not performing well enough or are injured.

Bergy and Theo are both injured as well so they will not draw interest.

WHY trade the guys that are performing good for us and HOW do you trade the guys that aren't performing good for us? We can't win them all, we got a ton of injuries and are going through a year where some rookies have got some experience earlier than expected. Tallon has some more games to evaluate with the limited roster who he can possibly move but I wouldn't expect more than 2-3 guys moved at deadline day.

So to recap, I feel other than Weiss and one other player was maybe what we would see dealt this year by Tallon but now half of that plan has just got season ending wrist surgery. Tallon doesn't have much wiggle room and blowing the team up is what he did two years ago, why do it again because we got some bad luck and a terrible start to the season.

Keep calm and carry on TANKERS!

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