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03-12-2013, 08:23 PM
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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
Like when I said we have to move Richards because of his cap hit.

Initially it was all

Now it is clear that we have to move him next year, through the amnesty.

NOW you are forced to accept the facts and agree with me.

Most of you don't deserve this, but for those of you who do:
That is so typical of this board and so many posters, almost like sheep just follow the crowd. I brought up issues in Zucc's game, Wolski (i hated), Krieder i thought was up and down and posted about it and also Richards i questioned him as a number 1 center was blasted for it, the biggest was me the first day arguing it was a mistake to sign Gomez and Drury and was again blasted by people. Most people simply hear what the analysts say and go by that and dont actually watch and understand the game. Maybe they dont play or whatever. But we can see the results of some of these players and how wrong i was...Ive never complained about AA or Stepan they are both very close in overall what they offer to the team however Stepan might get the node esp now, but AA has the upside. He is 6'4, has more skill, better shot, if he puts it all together of course his upside is more than Stepan. But upside is only what we think it actually has to happen.

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