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03-12-2013, 07:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Weird Fish View Post
Not even the least valued position on the OL, let alone an entire football team.

And it's not just about Levitre. The Bills have been losing the talent that they actually manage to develop for over a decade now.
The problem with that statement is the "developing talent" part. They haven't had much talent to begin with.

Starting with the 2010 draft, the best players picked are:
2010: Spiller, Carrington, Troup
2009: Wood, Byrd, Levitre, Maybin
2008: S.Johnson, McKelvin, Bell
2007: Lynch, Poz, Edwards, Wendling
2006: K.Williams, Whitner, Butler
2005: Parrish
2004: Evans, Losman
2003: McGahee, McGee, Kelsay, Crowell, Haggan, Aiken
2002: J.Reed, Wire, Bannan, Denney

Looking at that, how many quality players did they actually let go (without getting something in return via trade)? Levitre, Whitner, Poz, arguably Bell. The reason the Bills suck is because they make way more picks like James Hardy and Mike Williams (especially in higher rounds) than impact players.

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