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Originally Posted by newfy View Post
Talent doesnt mean anything if your talent involves turning the puck over the most on the team while playing small, sheltered minutes. Youre a little too much in awe of his physical ability and not looking enough at what he can do with them.

Lashoff is more physical, a better shot blocker and will be better defensively when all is said and done. Both have their place on a team
No offense, but don't presume to tell me what I'm in awe of.
You don't hear me telling you what you're in awe of with Lashoff.

I don't know how many times I have to say that Kindl has looked shakey with the puck from his own end to center ice.

But I think this is something that he will, for the most part, outgrow.

I like the way Kindl moves with the puck on the powerplay. From the offensive blueline in, he's a really good player.

He's getting better with positioning and his work along the boards has been impressive.

I still see him give the puck away and get caught pinching. But you know, I see Kronwall getting caught a lot too.

Kindl isn't going to be Lidstrom. He's going to make mistakes. But he could be a guy who plays like a Hamrlik.

As for Lashoff. He's got little talent. His defensive positioning is really weak for a "stay-at-home" guy. He doesn't have any real energy on the ice despite a lot of hits.
I'm not impressed at all.

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