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And just to give yet another clarification on the Waiver Exemption table:

3.4 Exempt Players. Players who meet the criteria set forth below are exempt from Regular and Re-Entry-Waivers:
PHP Code:
GOALIES                                   SKATERS
        Years from                               Years from
         Signing         NHL Games      Signing         NHL Games
NHL            Played              NHL             Played

18     6                    80                     5                     160
19     5                    80                     4                     160
20     4                    80                     3                     160
21     4                    60                     3                     80
22     4                    60                     3                     70
23     3                    60                     3                     60
24     2                   60                     2                     60
+  1                    -                        1                     
1. For purposes of this Article, a "year" of exemption shall mean a playing season.

2. For purposes of this Article, "age 18" means a Player reaching his eighteenth birthday between January 1 next preceding the Entry Draft and September 15 next following the Entry Draft, both dates included; "age 19" means a Player reaching his nineteenth birthday in the calendar year of the Entry Draft; "age 20" means a Player reaching his twentieth birthday in the calendar year of the Entry Draft; and "age 21" means a Player reaching his twenty-first birthday in the calendar year of the Entry Draft.
Age in this table cannot be interpreted as the players current age - it is impossible for an 18yo to have 160 NHL Games Played or be 5 Years From Signing. This table sets a starting point looking forward in terms of Years From Signing and NHL Games Played for exemption from waivers - and that starting point is either age when drafted or age when signed. Given Note 2 - draft age seems the reasonable interpretation.

The "Age" of a player w.r.t. waiver eligibility is his age when drafted - not his current age or the age when he signed his first contract. The clock on # of seasons begins after he signs and plays 1 or more NHL games as an18yo or 19yo or one or more "professional" games (including minor leage games) as a 20+ year old. The 5 & 4 year exemptions for 18 or 19 yo skaters is reduced to 3 years as soon as he plays 11 or more NHL games in a single season.

So it is technically possible that a player may be drafted at 18 or 19+yo, go the NCAA route, (or unsigned Euros drafted under the old CBA) and not actually be signed until 23 or 24+yo. In that case, they would still maintain a waiver exemption for 3 yrs or 160 games after their 1st professional game. Under these circumstances it would be possible that an NHL player could have played last season at 25 yo, be
26 yo now, and still be exempt from waivers.

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