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Left Handed (2009), directed by Laurence Thrush: Hiroshi, a Japanese teenager, locks himself in his room and doesn't come out for 18 months. His mother can't penetrate his funk and she is eventually reduced to leaving trays of food in front of his door so he won't starve. She wants to get her son professional help but her husband is embarrassed by the situation and wonders what people will think. Eventually they separate and the mother finally finds a kindly professional to help her, one who specializes in children who have locked themselves in their rooms for months and years on end. I had never heard of this social problem before, and I doubt it exists anywhere, including Japan. Still the movie sells it premise well. But that's all it does. The film is shot in a hypermodern black and white style that frequently deliberately cuts off people's faces, and it employs unexpected camera angles, often low to the floor. It is a disciplined approach to movie making, but it also requires discipline to sit through the movie itself. We never find out much about Hiroshi and the other characters are kept at arm's length as well. In fact, there is very little narrative payoff of any kind. I admit Thrush has caught my attention, but he will have to deliver a more compelling film next time around to keep me interested.


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