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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
I've been pissy in this PGT all night, gonna try and take a step back here with this post.

This team is beyond fixable, there are so many good pieces in place. It's on Torts right now. 25 games into the season, and the team still looks lost in many games. He continually tries to jam square pegs into round holes. The system that worked for the Rangers last season WILL NOT work this season, it's not the right personnel, and that needs to be realized and addressed by the coaching staff.

Stacked with two-way defensemen, and finally with a ton of skill in the forward corps, we decide to play dump and chase grind it out jam system? W T F! Makes no sense.

Anyone saying that the team can't compete for a top four spot still is right. At this point, Boston has 9 points on the Rangers with a game in hand. If anything, the Rangers need to hope MTL comes back down to Earth, and Boston can take that top spot in the NE. Perhaps the Rangers can challenge the Habs for the fourth spot. But then again, do we really want to end up in fourth with the Habs in fifth? I don't think so.

Time to start aiming for that six spot and get comfy, draw the SE winner in the first round. No doubt both Toronto and Ottawa will be cooling off, they're not as good as their records indicate. 3 points behind both of them with a game in hand on each, easily catchable. Get cozy in sixth.

After 48 games last season the Rangers had lost 12 games in regulation, and five in OT. This season through 25, they're already at 10 and 2. The slow start, and inconsistencies/inabilities to get a streak going is absolutely murdering them, and they need to find a way to get back on track for good.

Get off the ****ing jam train. Sather has put a very viable team together, it's just not the right coach. Torts CAN be the right coach for this team, but he refuses to be.

Get Zuccarello to North America. Send down Miller. Let the skill fly.

Hagelin - Stepan - Nash
Zuccarello - Richards - Gaborik
Pyatt - Boyle - Callahan
Haley - Halpern - Powe

That's a solid team, with skill and speed top to bottom.

TL;DR - I'm mad, I have no faith in a top four finish; let's get cozy in the six spot. Torts is jamming square pegs into round holes. Rangers have skill, time to put it to use.

The only solace I have in this season is watching the Blackhawks. I team I wish we were. So sick of this team scraping wins and the coaching style/Torts.

Do they think New York really wants to watch two or three skill guys, a bunch of grinders and a Vezina goalie every year scrape wins?

This team has no cohesion. Its a more talented team than years past. Its Torts' job to get the most out of it. Hes not doing it. IMO, the hammer falls on him if we flop this season. Not the players.

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