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Originally Posted by ottergolfer View Post
official application to transfer a team to this city or anywhere . With the deadline for that being Dec. 31, that opportunity is now long past.

However, Branch seemed to leave the door open a crack. Wide enough for a deal to squeeze through under the right circumstances. The Dec. 31 rule could be adjusted, he says, if a compelling case could be made.

Mr branch makes his own rules and do not forget he is Bassin's buddy
While that would not surprise me, I just do not see this happening at all. I was told by a reliable source in December the details of the relocation rumors and long story short they are not moving. It makes no sense financially to move the team either. Why move a team that has the record they do but still draws 4,000+ every Saturday since about late December? Add that to having the renovations complete and a team that should be better next year and it makes absolutely no sense to move them before the 2013-2014 year. The only way a move after the 2013-2014 season happens is if Bassin just sells the team to fill his pockets, and my would that be a gigantic slap to the face to the loyal fan base.

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