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03-12-2013, 11:04 PM
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Ok, one last kick at the can here. I am going to give it a week to attempt to fill up the league to a reasonable level for us to move forward. If you had a team and aren't listed it's because you didn't respond to the last roll call. If you want your team back you still have priority until next Tuesday night. At that point any new GMs wanting that team will get it.

I will not boot people until next Tuesday but at that point I will be clearing out all GMs who haven't responded in here. I will also be clearing out all requests to join, so if you have requested in the past, just post here and we can go from there once we sort out who is returning. I will attempt to update the waitlist as we go, if you are on there you can PM me your top-5 teams in order and once we know who is staying I will start putting you guys on teams.

I am advancing up to the re-signing phase so if you are in and listed you can re-sign your players after the advance is done. I won't advance again until we get the GM situation sorted.

Any questions just ask.

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