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03-13-2013, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by ltsthinaz View Post
Why is Boyle getting a pass? He absolutely stinks. Yeah, he's a nice guy, but he adds nothing except eating a few minutes and being a PK guy, and we have plenty of those. Haley is no top-6 player, but he at least had a pulse tonight. And playing with Richards, who can get muscled off the puck, Gaborik, who is worse and plays like he doesn't give a s**t, Kreider will be back in Hartford in about two games.
Richards has stepped up his game. I like Haley, and would actually not mind seeing him in the lineup over Pyatt, but I still think Boyle at the top of his game is a very valuable bottom-6 player. He looks out of shape. I honestly think he'll look a LOT better next year with a full training camp. He probably cheated on his workouts a bit, too, considering the state of the lockout. A lot of players probably did, but it sticks out with Boyle in particular because he's 6'7 and probably already struggled with his conditioning throughout the season because of his unique body frame.

In short, I think Boyle belongs in the lineup. Even if he's not forechecking, he's still an excellent faceoff man and a good PKer.

Originally Posted by Callagraves View Post
Torts hate is out of control.

Bunch of people who think they can run a professional hockey team better than the guy paid a hefty fee to do so, with the pedigree and record.
Being in the NHL doesn't automatically make him a fantastic coach.

Now, I know that sounds contradictory...but it's true. He has obvious flaws. They're being called out. It's what happens when a team with this kind of skill struggles.

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