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03-13-2013, 02:45 AM
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Originally Posted by LaurentHabs View Post
I agree with you about the Pride aspect. But considering Canada's ethnicity diversity, you can't really blame them. Most people have a dual citizenship, or at least most people that were born in the 80-90s. I'm not sure about the statistics concerning the citizenship of the upcoming talents, so its hard to evaluate the future. I'm proud to be a Canadian. But put yourself in JonathanDG's shoes. He is a good player, and even though he could easily be a star in the Canadian Program and help to kickstart it, he has a chance to play for one of the worlds best squads. Now in between me and you, I'm pretty sure he'll never be a starter in the Dutch XI. The guy grew up in the Dutch league in a Dutch environment in the most crucial years of his life/development (as a teenager)

I'm just hoping the upcoming generation of players are born in Canada and are proud to be Canadian. The thing though, is you have to get them young. If you look at England, the players that get called up to the youth squad are really proud and often scrutinized by the media, making them feel important. They train in top quality facilities and are treated like kings. In Canada though...

Hard to explain. I'm 100% with you. I don't want players that play for Canada as sloppy seconds because they can't get in the other national team which they are eligible to join. But at the same time, I would take both of them (Hoilett and JDG) if they wanted back in just to hopefully kickstart the program and gain exposure
If I was in JDGII shoes, I'd never want to play for that squad. I ****ing hate their team and I'm always happy to see Portugal beat them

That said, I'd play for Canada over Portugal if you asked me today. Not sure that would've been my answer 8-10 years ago. But I'll never have to make that choice, sadly

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