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03-13-2013, 02:59 AM
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Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
Yeah he hasn't been bad on the power play but at even strength he's be largely ineffective and a non-threat... I don't understand why a guy with so much speed struggles to beat defenders or to stick-handle around or through them... He's really bad at using his speed and shifting directions to elude defensemen when he has the puck. He basically has 2 ineffective moves in his repertoire:

1) Try and push the puck past the defenseman and go around the opposite side (which inevitably results in the defenseman just playing the body and Gabby can't get to the puck to progress forward)

2) Stop moving his legs and try to push the puck under the defenseman's stick (through the gap) - which for some reason he really sucks at and this never seems to work

It just baffles me that a player with so much speed and such a great shot is so bad at beating defensemen and so easily matched up against in one-on-one situations.... He has great hands when it comes to receiving passes and releasing his shot, and great hands around the net jumping on rebounds, but when it comes to stick-handling he apparently has Jed Ortmeyer hands for some reason. I'm not sure I'll ever fully understand.
Exactly. Even today we saw Cally use speed to beat Myers (obviously huge reach) and create a goal. He almost did it later in the game as well. I haven't seen Gabby try and do that once. He isn't applying pressure. He skates 5 feet into the zone and slows up on the wall and shovels it or makes a pass that doesn't usually lead to much. He needs to PRESS the D. Be aggressive offensively with his speed.

Secondly, the thing that worries me is that when it comes to playoff time, if anything I'd imagine he'd become less effective. That's a scary thought. He's too soft. If he's injured then he needs to recover. Not like we would be missing much until then.

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