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Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
Ever since the Weber offersheet this summer everybody thinks we should offersheet every RFA now. Under the new CBA offersheets are basically pointless now.
Not necessarily true.

It all depends on how confident you are as a GM/Owner in your ability to re-sign a player / convince a player that Philly is the destination for them.

If you feel confident that OEL or Pietrangelo would like it in Philly and would re-sign, you can offer either one a 1 year / 12M deal. Can't think Phoenix or STL matches that. But then you basically lose your RFA rights to either player the next off-season because you're not going to extend a 12M qualifying offer. So somewhere in that next 1 year, you'd need to sign the player long term, or else you just traded 4 1sts for 1 year of OEL/Pietro.

It'd be a serious gamble, but would I really put it past Holmgren to gamble like that? No. Plus, far as I know, there'd be nothing prohibiting the Flyers' from giving OEL or Pietro a long-term extension the day after he becomes their property, since you'd be inside of 1 year till the contract expires. Handshake deal perhaps?

If you don't like that option though, there's a potentially less-risky strategy, though it might be more likely to be matched:

You could offer-sheet OEL or Pietrangelo @ ~9.4M for 1 year. Again, very difficult for either team to match. And in the case that they don't match, and OEL/Pietro don't want to re-sign here (I would think they'd want to be here long term if they sign the OS, but you never know), you can still take them to salary arbitration the following year. Since no defenseman in the league is being paid over 8M/year, the Flyers would seek the maximum allowable 15% reduction in salary, and would almost certainly win, which would result in a manageable cap hit of ~7.99M for 2014-2015. And then going forward, the qualifying offer to retain OEL/Petro as an RFA in subsequent years would only be 7.99M, which is worth it IMO, given the fact that the Flyers have nothing even close to resembling a #1 defenseman, the fact that #1 defensemen almost never become UFAs, and the fact that if a true #1 defenseman ever did make it to UFA status and we were lucky enough to have him sign here, we'd be paying him more than 7.99M anyway.

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