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03-13-2013, 04:30 AM
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Originally Posted by coyotes View Post
The team was also minutes from being sold to Hulsizer to be kept here. And if the league was ready to move the team, they would have already done so. The league has fought hard to keep the team here when they could have moved the team to a Canadian city 4 years ago and been instantly profitable. The reason they haven't done that is they are looking at long term ramifications in terms of television markets and being a component of an emerging top 10 market.
None of the above is true. Well, maybe the move 4 years ago part. Even then, Winnipeg was the only market 'ready' and that was a last resort for the NHL. It's much easier for them to get Glendale to pay the bills long enough for another market to approve an arena. Two such markets have emerged. The Coyotes are not in an 'emerging top 10 market.' Expansion is obviously on the docket with the two year review addendum to the realignment. It would be very, very easy to cart the team off to QC without upsetting anyone. Even easier to Seattle, arguably an upgrade.

You guys are long on hope and short on justification. No one is scheduled to pay the bills for next season. The coach and GM aren't under contract. No local owner is in sight. The city has turned against the team. Perfect storm.

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