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03-13-2013, 03:40 AM
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Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
There's just such a lack of creativity on his part. If he can't be a magician with the puck since apparently he can't stick-handle well, he should be using his speed and shiftiness to beat defenders, and by that I mean you sell your move like you're going to commit one direction and then you need to explode and KEEP SKATING in the other direction. Not every player can get away with this because with the slower skating forwards, the more mobile defensemen will just backskate at a quick enough pace to keep up with the forward even when he changes direction. But Gabby has the speed to make this move effective. He just needs to get the timing down where he gets the defensemen committing one direction before he shifts his balance and takes off in the opposite direction. Gaborik has some of the fastest acceleration among forwards in the league, very fast few steps. There's no reason why he hasn't figured out how to use this to his advantage. Of course I have no hope that Gabby will learn to do this but it baffles me that he hasn't figured this out or worked on it.

When he comes down the left-hand side he stops skating and glides allowing the defenseman to easily match his speed, and then tries to pull or push the puck under the defenseman's stick to get by. Problem is he telegraphs this move a mile away and the defensemen see exactly what's coming. D-man knows Gabby is going to try and cut inside at a slow rate of speed. Most of the time the puck gets poke-checked away. Even if the puck made it through the gap between the defenseman's stick and his body, Gabby isn't moving fast enough to bypass the defenseman and create a scoring chance....

Only other move he can try is trying to blow by the defensemen without selling any fakes/moves but just with pure speed..... Maybe not as reliable but I'd rather see him try and do this and take the puck into the corner if he can't get through to the net as opposed to those 2 ineffective moves of his that I mentioned in the other post.... His lack of creativity with the puck and his repetition of his same moves/tactics makes him quite easy to match-up against. I can't think of the last time he took advantage of the opposing team having their 3rd pairing defensemen out there or the last time he made defensemen look silly with any regularity. The thought of matching up against the Pens is unnerving because Gaborik gets shut down by Orpik with what seems like relative ease.
Real good post.

But in reality, if you want to simplify it, how creative does he really even need to be? He's BLESSED as an elite skater; that alone should be used as his differentiator to create more for himself and his linemates. Marian Gaborik bearing down on a defenseman at full speed automatically should create a larger gap, as the D needs to compensate for such a noticeably faster threat. Why isn't that accented more? Very, very perplexing to me. Really is. This guy should have a ton of helpers, too, as linemates should be banging home garbage goals off of rebounds from his shots.

You guys see him more than I: am I wrong in asserting that he's a little too much East/West this year, and not enough North/South?

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