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03-13-2013, 03:44 AM
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Originally Posted by coyotes View Post
The team was also minutes from being sold to Hulsizer to be kept here. And if the league was ready to move the team, they would have already done so. The league has fought hard to keep the team here when they could have moved the team to a Canadian city 4 years ago and been instantly profitable. The reason they haven't done that is they are looking at long term ramifications in terms of television markets and being a component of an emerging top 10 market.
That is not even true. Hulsizer wasn't that close to getting the deal seeing GWI threw a monkey wrench in the deal with the city by using scare tactics on those who were looking to buy up the bonds.

Also, the NHL in this process has done nothing more but to fight for their own interests and bottom line. Otherwise the league would have seen to it that the origional lease by the City of Glendale was held up i court in the 1st place. The fact is the league was forced to show it hand given the last deal and deadline in place and they got nothing except to just leave the biggest deal by the city on the table that will never come back again. When the truth finally came out that the NHL and Bettman was playing so many people(though I knew better than most before this) now some are even questioning if Reinsdorf was even for real even before the bankruptcy was filed.

If the league cares about keeping the team in AZ then either they would come down on the asking price or should have used the relocation fee from the sale of the Thrashers to help cover the purchase so that the team would have a better chance to sale the team to a local owner.

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