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03-13-2013, 03:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
Yup, yet again I agree with you. That the collective of armchair generals would have more of a clue is simply not true, especially the loud ones, especially after losses. They just go emotionally berserk and leave the logic behind.

This game really stunk. This would've been a blowout if it wasn't for Hank. Apparently to some people, he sucked, so I wonder what grade they have left in their book if he would've allowed 6 or 7 goals tonight. This is an excellent example of how a goalie can only perform as well as the team in front allows him to, they hung him out to dry the entire night. That some brainiacs have come to the conclusion that Hank has bad rebound control is the same guys who yelled at him for Lucic's goal at the first game @ Boston, or the third goal against Ottawa the other night. They have no clue what they're talking about, because they don't know goaltending.

We made Enroth's game easy. We allowed him to see every shot, we didn't force him to move laterally, we always let him be set in position. Compare that with how Buffalo didn't allow Hank to be set, forced him to move and to work with heavy traffic. Night and day, we could fire 60 shots tonight and we probably still wouldn't score with that unimpressive offensive display. Buffalo fired 22 shots and could've a couple more than they did.

McD and Girardi were so bad they both probably should've been benched, especially McD. McD allowed the same guy to score uncontested in our crease twice, he just stood there as a spectator and did absolutely nothing. While the puck was bouncing and I give him some slack for that one, he almost cost us another goal if not for that miracle save. They're getting overworked.
To be honest, I think they're both playing with one injury or another. I've seen some eh decision making in the past, but I've never seen Girardi outworked, or Mac give up on a play.

Something is very wrong

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