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12-22-2003, 02:01 PM
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That's it? I was expecting better.

Originally Posted by pavel datsyuk
For a man BS'ing about "opinions" and having bold ones, you sure make a bold one yourself... "I can gaurantee you this, Lang will NOT be had for cheap."-Now your a GM? Now you have shaken your magic 8-ball and told us all the future, thank you.

One point though, the past transactions of players with large contracts going into the CBA have disagreed with you my friend.

Also, no sane fan would ask for Zetterberg in a trade for a guy making 5 mill for 3 more years....going into the CBA.

And another thing, Detroit isn't going to be adding any salary until they move a goalie, and thats taken from the Detroit free press or news, look through the archives if you feel inclined.

Plus, everyone is talking about how washington wants to move lang...why? They need to cut salary. So whether its Jagr, Lang, Ganchar, Kolzig, etc., the only reason they would trade those players is because of salary concerns. Otherwise, there would be no reason to trade the NHL's leading scorer, right?

And last, Detroit is the highest scoring team in the NHL with 1/2 of their starting line-up out with injuries. If they were to aquire Lang, it would be as a salary dump if anything, cause i doubt they would trade their youth for an older player making more money.

Now, about Lang 'putting Detroit over the top'....

In 51 games played in the playoffs, Mr. Lang has 22 points, 9 goals.

Doesn't look like he's the most potent playoff performer to me.

But thats just my "opinion"

I base my statement about Lang not being had for cheap on several things.

1. He's leading the friggen league in scoring. This is no hot streak. He's performing at this level every night.

2. Mcphee has never traded anyone for junk. Show me a trade where the other team go the better side of the deal. Please don't say Kono to the Avs. Kono was already told he wouldn't be resigned next year. That was a clean break for both sides, and it will probably be a wash IMO.

As far as the weak playoff stat pull goes, I guess time will tell. Lang was arguably our best performer in the playoffs last season. Like I said before, maybe he's a late bloomer.

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