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03-13-2013, 09:14 AM
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Originally Posted by cgf View Post
Have we ever considered that Greg Sherman might be trying to make sure Sacco doesn't make the playoffs so that he's given permission to fire Sacco in the summer? Thus the hardline on ROR and clogging Barrie and co.'s path into the NHL with ****** defenders?
It's been discussed at length already by myself and several others. Substitute the name of Pierre Lacroix for Sherman though.

As has been mentioned countless times, Sacco has demonstrated that he is a poor coach that has underachieved with a talented roster. [There are teams out there doing way BETTER with much less] Coaches have been fired for much, MUCH less and if I was in charge and watching this team play, especially against our own division, he would have been sent packing long ago.

Last night's game was the teams opportunity to say to the rest of the league "look out, here we come" but instead they said "heh...whatever".

I've been saying for a long while now that neither Joe Sacco nor Greg Sherman would have ever had the chance to become NHL Head Coach/GM with another organization. Sacco had a poor, losing record in the AHL as assistant and head coach and Greg Sherman was in charge of running the business side of things with the Avs, not Hockey Ops.

Sherman is a figure head that deals with the media and runs the day-to-day but the major moves, player/coach decisions are still Lacroixs to make, in my opinion. Of course, they'll deny it but I'm quite certain that's the way it's been set up.

As far as Sacco goes, with the team sitting in 24th spot overall, I can't imagine how any FO would be happy with how he's handled the team. Like I've said numerous times, if his only strategies are 'dump and chase' and 'outwork the opposition', it's pretty easy to imagine how stale that message has gotten. Hell, if that's what it takes to be an NHL coach, I can do that too.

I think management (Lacroix) is all too aware of what's going on but he knows we have some big holes to fill long-term and probably need 1 more piece on D before everything comes together. The fan side of me wants them to fire Sacco and hire Roy so that this team can start to TAKE OFF RIGHT NOW but unfortunately, I think they'll let him finish the year before making the change.

We have 23 games left and need to win approximately 15 of them, if not more. There is nothing in the previous 25 games that we've played so far under Sacco that would suggest we are capable of doing this. So my guess is, we're going to be sellers at the trade deadline and hopefully end up with a good pick at this year's draft.

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