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Originally Posted by Leetch66 View Post
YUP...except that it was strictly the King who took us way above where we should have been last season and is why so many envision grandeur in the days ahead...we are a long ways from that unfortunately .

I know everybody hates a realist...but the obvious is so obvious . Maybe it is easier for somebody that is older to realize that fact...we are just an average team with the current roster/coaching/management and an above average goalie . What is it going to take for some of you to realize this ....another 7 game squeaker against the 8th seed again ?

There could be a lot of unhappy people on here come the Trade Deadline when we get to watch Sather flip some youth for short term gain . I say...don't allow that to happen...can him ASAP .
wrong. I consider myself a realist too, but you are overgeneralizing here. Your goalie is supposed to be one, if not your best player in post season, that is not a strange new phenomenon exclusive to the NYR.

To say that the team in front of Hank wasn't playing better last year is pure crap. Richards had an immediate impact last year (where it went???) and we had a pretty good offense for most of the season, until it dried up. Our defense was much tighter last year than it's been so far.

This team is playing average, but we are far from an average team. Unfortunately we have a one size fits all coach in practically every aspect of the game and he can't get this squad to play his system every game. It's far too strenuous as way to win every game.

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