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03-13-2013, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by ottsabrefan View Post
On a side note: Am I the only one that finds it ridiculous they play a tie-breaking game? I mean they use wins for all the other spots and everyone knows the tie-breaker at the start of the year so I'm not sure why they need a playoff game. Two OTL is not the same as a win and a loss as you gave up 4 points to the opposition instead of two. And isn't it tough enough for the 8th seed to play the 1st seed, let alone adding on an extra game right before the start. When would that game be, Tuesday? A night before they have to go into Belleville?
A play in game does seem like a poor idea to me. Just use head-to-head and regulation wins to break the ties and be done with it.

While on this subject, I would prefer that hockey just eliminate the "loser point" for OT/SO losses all together. Rewarding a team for losing a game is ridiculous, as is making some games worth two points and others three points. If the sport wants OT's and SO's, let it really decide the game, or get rid of them. I have really disliked the current setup every since it began.

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