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Originally Posted by KeithBWhittington View Post
If we mortgage some future pieces for a chance to "Win Now", the "Brick by Brick" building will take longer to build.

The thinking seems to be that, if we make the playoffs, then anything can happen. I hope Jarmo and JD aren't willing to bank some of the future to try and chase that notion.

Making the playoffs once every 3 years or so (and only then by the skin of our teeth) shouldn't be goal. The goal should be playoffs and advancement and be a serious factor each year. Its going to take more time, because its never been done right.

Jarmo and JD can't turn the clocks back and undo the mistakes of the past, and you can't judge them on those mistakes. As long as they acknowledge our suffering as fans and work as hard as they can to make this work positively, there's not much more I can ask right now.
I think you've done a great job of envisioning the worst possible scenario possible. You have created in a situation in which attempting to win is not in the best interest of the team. Not uncommon, but I find it distasteful. The concept of attempting to tank is very distasteful to me. I don't think the Jackets are in a position, yet, to make a move to attempt to make the playoffs.

I'll be honest, I don't think there are many paths to a #2 pick left to us. The players would have to quit. Even injuries don't phase us anymore. I think this is beyond the front office now, for good or ill.

Now, on to important business. Mods, can we have "brick by brick" activate the profanity filter? This is like listening to Rimer say "Jackets are changing on the fly" 50 times a game. Except this is worse, because it's now a cliche. We twist every move we support into a "brick", even if JD wouldn't agree.

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