Thread: Player Discussion: Erik Gustafsson (2012-13 season and beyond)
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03-13-2013, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by WeekendAtBernies View Post
I'm starting to think the guy coaching the AHL players might be the problem here... all the guys who played 1/2 a year for Murray in ADK were very sluggish to start the year. Gus looks like he's regressed a bit from last year, Sean Couturier has certainly regressed, Brayden Schenn was downright awful to start the year out, Eric Wellwood looked like a shell of himself over his 4 games up here.
Terry Murray is a solid coach. I don't know exactly what is going on up in ADK, but I don't think your assessment is accurate. Brayden Schenn was leading the team or close to the top in points in the early going of the season IIRC and I didn't notice any issues, at least nothing significant. Gus looks the same to me. I'm not too sure how you can say Wellwood looked like a shell of himself when he has only played 31 games in his entire career, none of which were all that impressive, especially when he only played limited minutes in four games this year. Wellwood is a fringe NHLer. I doubt he ever looks that much better than he has during his career thus far. His four games this season looked a lot like his 25 or so games he played the year before. Couturier doesn't look that good, but I don't credit that to Murray. Sophomore slump is a better bet.

I never thought about it before, but when your AHL coach preaches defense above all else, which is exactly the opposite of the run and gun system your NHL coach preaches, there's probably going to be a bit of a disconnect there when players get called up and that can't be very helpful to them. It's gotta be tough to basically have a switch flipped as to how they're supposed to play the game. Going from ADK to Philly is like a complete 180 on the approach to the game.
I don't think that is the issue. I think the issue is just that Gus is not that good and neither is Wellwood. Bottom pairing defender and a bottom line winger.

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