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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan2390 View Post
So that Hitler....I hear he was a nice guy.
Clearly Hitler's dog loved him so he can't be a evil guy personally

Here he is hanging out with kids smiling and laughing

Here he is after declaring Friday's as casual Friday's at his headquarters what a guy

There's no indication that Kim Jung-Un is anything but the same spoiled genetic material as his old man. He's still spending money on lavish gifts for his friends, and he's still sending people to the gulags, and he's still hanging out at his multiple castles playing x-box while collecting expensive liquors and cars while his people starve.

The sooner the world is rid of that family the better. Dennis Rodman is an idiot, I doubt that they partied at one of the gulags or prisons. He was a propaganda piece and a pure illustration of why celebrities and athletes should stay out of politics that they don't understand.

I think the term in communist language is useful idiots.

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