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03-13-2013, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Why isn't Zucc on the ice in NY? I am starting to feel that its ridiculous if we don't sign Zucc.

I mean, besides salary, pedigree and history and what not, what forwards do we have that actually are better hockey players than him? Nash, Cally, Stepan (?), Gabby (?), Hagelin and ?

Richards? (why? He has potential on the point on a PP build for him, sure, we don't have that.)

Pyatt? (come on)



Kreider? (lol)

JT Miller? (not even close)

Gabby and Richards are out on the ice playing worth less hockey. New York Rangers is a hockey team. Plays the game of hockey. The other team won't give us any handicap because Richards makes 9.5m skating on his leather and Gabby skating around out there in no mans land making 7.5m. Certain players are extremely good at certain things. If we learned anything from 97' - 04' it is that that do not help you at all unless you put those type of players in the right environment in this team game.
I'm going to try to explain my POV in a logical manner.

1) I think it's a mistake to talk about Zuccarello as if he's a known commodity.

2) The problem with your point is you've named 6 players who are better than him (and, yes, Richards is a better player). So that means that at best Zuccarello would likely not play on the top two lines. And while he's shown flashes of offense in the NHL (not consistent production but flashes) he has also shown that he does not have the defensive game or the physical play to play a bottom six role. While I'm not directly comparing the two, the issue with Zuccarello is the same as it was with Marcel Hossa can he contribute enough offensively to warrant a place in the lineup because he won't add anything otherwise.

3) The YouTube videos are exciting and pretty. Yes, they show skill, but they also show the lack of defense in the KHL. On most of them if Zuccarello did that in the NHL, he would be knocked on his ass because there's a physical element to the NHL that there just isn't in other leagues. He would not be the first to flourish oversees and not make the adjustment to the NHL. Jiri Dopita couldn't. Jarkko Immomen couldn't. Christian Dube was a flop here but a very effective player in Europe. The aforementioned Marcel Hossa couldn't make it in the NHL.

4) I think the hype surrounding Zuccarello is more based on "what if" than "what he's done". His production is in a very small sample size. Petr Prucha actually had a larger sample size and that larger sample played out to be the exception, not the rule. Blame Renney, Shanhanan or whoever, but the fact is he never duplicated the success he had anywhere else.

5) He still has to overcome defensive issues and his lack of size. He may be able to do a good job of that in the KHL where the ice is bigger and the there is less physical play. The problem is those are probably two of the hardest things of overcome in the NHL.

Please try to see these as just my opinions. I would love to be proven wrong by Zuccarello. I just think that right now the idea of Zuccarello is more appealing than Zuccarello himself.

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