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03-13-2013, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by The Kingslayer View Post
Still dont make it right imo. If you suck you should sit if your playing well you should play. Inexcusable how guys like ROB, Hunwick and to a lesser extent Zanon( been bench last few games) are allowed to make mistakes time and again and cost us games and no accountability is put on them. in Sacco's first yr he talked about holding players accountable yadda yadd yadda remember him benching Chris Stewart and stew playing a game in LE that season? Accountability is not something i hear from stupid Joe anymore.
Its not Joe's fault that management dicked him on this one.

Management went out and signed 7 defensemen to NHL contracts leaving no room for a player like Barrie or Elliott to make the team barring lots of injuries. Chalk this up to either not thinking Barrie or Elliott would be good enough for full time duty this year or just plain losing track of how many players at a certain postion were signed...whatever the reason it doesn't matter, because its done and over with, they signed 7 defensemen to NHL contracts.

Compare this to what Boston did, they knew that they were going to give Hamilton every opportunity to play with them this year so they signed 5 players to NHL contracts, brought in Hamilton and then a player at minium NHL contract. Hamilton played well so they had a sopt for him as the 6th dman, and they can let the guy on minimum wage ride the pine. Had Hamilton sucked they probably send him to the AHL and then go find a unsigned vet to be their 6th guy and still let minimum wage guy ride the pine.

Surprisingly we are not only team with this predicament, Toronto has done the same thing with Gardiner and he is a better player than Barrie is at this point. The NHL is a numbers game, I don't agree with it and fully agree with you that if you suck you should ride the pine but unfortunately the NHL is a business and they make business decisions that are often times the wrong decision.

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