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03-13-2013, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
Yes and yes to all of it. Still, Torts is not without blame or scrutiny either. For instance playing Gaborik on the off-wing when he himself has stated he is not that comfortable with it. I'm not making excuses for Gabs, but the last time he went from 40 goals to half that it was based off injury and tentative play. So here we are again one year removed from 40 and he is playing tentative again. Maybe it's the surgery, but whatever it is, playing him LW is clearly not helping, and that's on Torts.
He switched him back over to RW last night. Gabby still looked like crap. That still on Torts?

Originally Posted by stan the caddy View Post
He wasn't wrong. They have to play better. I'm tired of hearing about how his system ruins creativity. Turn on a Bruins game, they use the same stretch pass tip in and they dump it in a ton as well. If you want to watch offense become an Islanders or Lightning fan and see how frustrating it is to see your team give up 3+ goals a night. But hey, you got to see some "creativity".
This 100 %. So ****ing tired of this board sometimes, and I haven't even been around for years like some of you.

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