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03-13-2013, 11:32 AM
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Copy and pasting my post from the main board thread about Torts:

I haven't watched the post-game yet, but based on reading parts of this thread my guess is the only issue I'll have with it is how he treated Sam. Other than that, the team deserved to be ripped a new one -- especially guys like Gabby and Richards who have pulled disappearing acts for pretty much the whole season. And I don't care that he did that in a way that was whiny or disrespectful. He coaches with passion and shows it - I'd rather have that than an empty suit.

Not to mention that threads like this one are living proof that if it was Torts' goal to draw attention, then he knows what he's doing. What are we talking about primarily? How poorly the team or certain players are playing? No. We're talking about his outburst. Takes a **** ton of the pressure off of his players. You may not like that he's impolite and childish while doing it, but when that is his goal it certainly works. I haven't listened to it yet, so this may not apply in this specific case... But even if he called certain players out (which I'm seeing based on what I'm reading) -- a few of them certainly deserved to be called out.


And as to the Rangers fans in this thread calling for his head; grow a brain. Seriously, the Torts bashing after each loss is getting old. Before last night many of you were lauding him for turning the team around, or at least biting your tongues. The second the Rangers lose a game, you all come back out of the woodwork. It is one bad loss. I'm not happy about it either, but get over it and stop being so hyperbolic.

Torts is easily the best coach this team has had in over a decade. If you really think moving to a more offensive minded system is going to help this team, then I really don't know what to say -- it seems clear to me that you either don't see your own players' limits, don't understand hockey, or have no memory of - or weren't old enough to live through - the dark years from '98 to ~'08. The main reason this team was god awful during that time was that defense was an afterthought. They finally have started to build a team around a core of defensively sound players and brought in a coach that preaches two-way play -- and guess what? They have started to see some success... but you idiots want to blow that all up and move to a run and gun system because it is what is fun to watch.

I got news for you, offense may be fun to watch, but it doesn't win championships. Just look at the Philly/Pitt playoff series last year -- not a defensive bone in either of those two teams' bodies. Both failed miserably. How about any team that has won the cup recently? Name me more than 2 teams in the past 12 years that have won the cup without a solid defense -- the only two teams that come even close to fitting that bill are the Canes and the 08-09 Penguins, and even the Pens had a very different and significantly better d-corps that year than they do now.

Outside of Rick Nash, Gaborik, and Richards (at least when the last two show up to play), this team is built to play defensive-minded hockey and grind. I don't see any of Callahan, Stepan, Hagelin, Miller, Powe, Halpern, Pyatt, Boyle, Asham, Haley, or Bickel being able to consistently make a pass, stick handle, or move in a way that would allow this team to play a puck possession game or offensive-minded game. It just isn't any of those players' strengths.

If Torts' job is on the line at any point before the end of next season, I'll be shocked.

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