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Oz the Great and Powerful - 6.5/10

I love everything Michelle Williams, so I had to see this. It was pretty decent. The strength of the movie is without a doubt the visuals. There are some really nice scenes especially when he first arrives in the land of Oz. The dialogue was kind of poorly written though I thought and the movie failed to pack any sort of emotional punch for me. Franco does well with what he is given. Not my favorite actor in the world but he does have a lot of charisma. Williams kind of packed it in I thought and seemed quite bland. Still there was a warmth to her voice that suited the role well.

- 7/10

The film clearly has some kind of obsession with The Velvet Underground/Lou Reed which didn't bother me one bit. I thought it was pretty fun too. Some of the attempts at the more serious stuff didn't really resonate with me but oh well. I know a lot of people hate Kristen Stewart, but I thought this was a good role for her.

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