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03-13-2013, 01:22 PM
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I can see some peoples points about them having to talk the Pats and Soxs because of the time of year it is (free agency/spring training) And i can also understand the need to appeal to the larger demographic, however there is a case that can be made about the lack of Bruins talk.

The case is i think alot of people that made the switch a few years ago are feeling pretty much betrayed. This is of course of many levels as well.

1- One of leading causes for people to switch was because of the lack or negative coverage the Bruins got on WEEI, then the HUB came and started talking a lot of Bruins, being there flagship station obviously helped that. However it just seems like now that they got the die hard B's fans hook line and sinker that they are toning down the hockey talk.

2- People also made the switch because they didn't want to hear what amounted to 3 or 4 people yelling over each other like a bunch of children fighting over what power ranger they get to be. When the HUB can around they were a breathe of fresh air because they simply talked sports and allowed the conversation to flow. It was the callers that basically dictated where the show would go to an extent. Now any concept of the show is in the hands of egomanic's that are ready to shut down a conversation if there made to be fools.

3-Fans and callers where treated with humility and respect in a sense when the station first began. Obviously there is always going to be some turds in the punch bowl, but its how you deal with the average caller. Callers would make there points and they would disagree and it was actually an adult conversation. Now its to the point were King Felger lambast people for missing even the slightest detail or making a mistake. Or even worse you have a caller on Gresh and Zoe and it pretty much ends up to the point where Gresh is doing what equates to threatening to steal the callers lunch money at recess.

As for the cracks on toucher and rich and wanting sports discussion, its pretty baseless. Toucher and Rich dont pretend to be experts they even admit at times how much they suck, its not there job to bring in the hardcore breakdowns and analysis. The point of the show is to bring some humor and variety into the station. If you take them for what they are, they are actually a pretty good listen from time to time. Lets also keep in mind that were talking about sports for god sakes, its not suppose to be deadly serious.

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