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Originally Posted by Tak7 View Post
It's a great point.

Today - everyone is talking about the Torts press conference, while no one is talking about his team's loss and how crap the first line was.

In other sports this sort of "pick on me, leave the boys alone" type of approach to the media would be heralded.

From Torts though - it just gets old, really, really fast. As fun as it is to listen too, as UnrefinedCrudge says, none of this is meant for the fans or the media. It's all meant for the room.

Leads me to wonder just how players in a room coached by Torts manage to stay tuned into the guy for so long. Have to admit - as a fan I get tired of his tirades every now and again and I'm not even a Rangers fan.

How must the players feel?
I don't get how people still think he has a "pick on me, not my team" mentality when he directly ordered the media last night to ask his team the hard questions instead of asking him. Kind of the opposite, he basically told them "I'm not the problem, go bother them."

End of the day, reporters need to write articles and they need quotes. If Torts won't give them anything to write about, that means they need to hit the player interviews harder. You think they just go "Eh, Torts didn't say anything, guess I won't write an article tomorrow."

I think he's a decent coach. He's a great motivator but not really the best systems guy, probably the wrong coach for the Rangers this year. But acting like this just makes him seem more childish than cunning.

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